nbn installation - how it works

We've taken the hassle out of connecting to the nbn. Once you sign up, your nbn™ installation and activation process will depend on your address and on the type of nbn network technology in use.

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Simply sign up online, all we need is some info about you and your debit / credit card details. No paperwork, no hassles, simply pick your speed and get connected.

$0 standard activation fee. We'll email you once you're active so you can set up your modem.

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We'll do the heavy lifting

If your address has already been connected to the nbn network, you can be activated the same day.

If your address is being connected to the nbn for the first time, you will require an nbn technician to come by and install the necessary equipment. This process could take 5-7 days.

Cancel your old plan

Once your Tribe Broadband service is up and running, contact your previous provider to disconnect your old internet service (and landline, if you no longer need it).


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